Police Department FAQ's

Do I have to appear in Court?

All arrest charges are required to appear on the court date and time listed on citation or subpoena. Charges such as Suspended/Cancelled Registration, No Insurance and No License among others are also required court appearances even if no arrest may have been made at the time of issuance. Some city ordinance charges can be paid before court. Call to inquire.

Does the Court provide a public defender?

Yes. You will have the opportunity to speak to the Public Defender on your court date.  We do not provide public defender information to you before that time. However, If your Court date is the Third Thursday of the month, you will need to call the court and reschedule for Public defender assistance.  Prospective clients would need to complete a financial disclosure.

Can I plead Not Guilty on my Court date?

Please call 912-748-7333 to determine if the court date on your citation is a qualified court date for a not guilty plea.

Can my court date be continued/rescheduled to a future court date?

You would need to call 912-748-7333 and inquire if your case qualifies for a continuance.  You cannot obtain a continuance on the same day as your court date.

Do I have to dress a certain way to appear in court?

Clean, respectful business casual attire is expected.  Offensive or provocative clothing may prompt the judge to pass your case until appropriate clothing is obtained.

Can I bring my children to court?

Although children are sometimes brought to Court due to circumstances, the court is an Adult setting.
Please try to provide other options for your children on your court day   

Is a Spanish interpreter provided?


Can I pay online or via telephone with a credit card?

Yes.  You can go to www.PoolerFines.com  You must have your citation available.  Or you can toll free at 1-(877) 685-4495

How else can I pay my citation?

Fines can be paid in person at:

Pooler Police Department
307 US Highway 80 SE
Pooler, GA 31322
Cash,  Visa MasterCard accepted

Or by mail: money order or cashier’s check only (no personal checks)

Mail payment to:
Pooler Police Department
307 U S Hwy  80 SE
Pooler Ga. 31322


How many points will this charge add to my license?

The Georgia drivers license point system can be viewed at this link

Will this charge affect my out-of-state license?

All out-of-state citations will be forwarded to the state on the driver’s license
Contact your States Drivers Services to determine how the charge will affect your license

Is my charge considered a Super Speeder?

For any questions concerning the Georgia Super Speeder Law: Call the Georgia Department of Drivers Services  678-413-8400 or visit  their Web Site for super speeder information

Will this charge affect my CDL or Commercial License?

Contact your States Drivers Bureau to determine how this charge will affect your commercial license.  For information pertaining to Georgia Commercial Drivers license click here

How do I get a copy of a police or accident report?

You can come by the Pooler Police Dept at 307 US Highway 80 SE during business hours 0830-500pm.  There is a per page fee.  Reports are TYPICALLY the following business day by noon.  However, there are limited circumstances where they may be delayed.  Accident reports are only available to the listed driver(s) and their insurance companies, or their legal counsel.  Reports are not able to be faxed due to security concerns.

What if I disagree with an incident or accident report?

If there is an error with the personal data (name, insurance company, etc....) please contact Clerk Bonnie Hendrix at 748-7333 and she will submit the information to the reporting officer.  These corrections will typically be handled within 5 business days.  If you are the victim of a crime and discovered additional items missing, or discovered some items werent taken, please call immediately as they may have been entered into National Police Computers as stolen.

If you disagree with the accident or incident summary it is important to note that is made available based on the information collected at the time of the report.  Often time this is based on the veracity of the participants and the officers best assessement at the time of the report.  Often times parties will disagree or provide conflicting versions.  The summary, based on statements, cannot be construed as irrefutable or factually accurate.  Once a report has been tendered the summary cannot be changed due to the need to not have multiple versions of the same report circulating.  In rare circumstances, You may talk to a supervisor and have a Supplemental Report made if it is deemed necessary.