Public Works Department FAQ's

General Questions

What are your operating hours?
We are open Monday thru Friday 9am-5pm. You may reach us at 912-748-4800. If you have an after-hours emergency please call 912-748-7261 and follow the prompts to the Public Works Department.

Where are you located?
Public Works Department 1095 S. Rogers Street Pooler, GA 31322

What are the watering restrictions for this area?
As of June 10, 2009, Governor Perdue eased outdoor watering restrictions to a non-drought schedule. The schedule is as follows: -Odd-numbered addresses can water Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays. -Even-numbered and unnumbered addresses are allowed to water on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays. Watering may occur any time of day on the assigned days, however to be more water efficient, landscape watering should not occur between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. For more information visit the GA EPD website at "Outdoor Water Use Information"

Parks and Trees

How often do you cut the Pooler Parkway?
We cut the grass on a 10 to 14 day cycle.

How often do you cut the grass on Highway 80.
We cut the grass on a 10 to 14 day cycle.

How often do you clean up Newton Cemetery?
At least once a month.

How often do you perform ground maintenance at the landscaped area's in the city?
We maintain the landscaped areas located throughout the city every 7 to 10 days.

How often do you cut the City Recreation Parks?
We have full time crews on site every working day.

How do I report high grass and roadside litter?
Please call 912-748-4800 or submit a citizen request.

Does the city remove dead trees?
We remove dead/diseased trees located on city property only.

How do I get a dead animal removed?
Please call 912-748-4800 or submit a citizen request. Please understand that we only remove animals from city roadways, right of ways, and property.

Does the city inspect trees for residents that may pose a hazard?
Yes, please call 912-748-4800 or submit a citizen request.

Does the city trim, cut or remove vegetation that may pose a public hazard?
The city only removes trees, brush, bushes, or grass from city property and right of ways.


What type of material can I put in my garbage cart?
Household trash only

Can I put yard debris in my garbage cart?

Can I put extra bags of trash out with my garbage cart?
No, in order for trash to be picked up, it must be placed inside the city provided garbage cart. If you have excessive trash on a regular basis you may lease an additional cart for $75.00 new cart fee. Your bill will also reflect an additional $9.00 per month removal charge.

Does the city remove large bulk items, i.e. furniture, carpet and/or appliances?
No, the City of Pooler does not provide bulk pick-up. You may bring appliances and other white goods to the City of Pooler Recycling Center, furniture and carpet must be removed to a land field.

How do I get my yard debris removed?
Properly bagged yard debris can be placed by your trash cart for pick up on your regular trash pick-up day.

How do I get my damaged cart replaced and is there a charge?
Normal wear and tear on carts is expected and the City of Pooler will replace or repair damaged carts free of charge. However, property owners/residents will be charged $75.00 for a new cart if it is found that the cart is intentionally damaged or destroyed. Please call 912-748-4800 to have a cart replaced or repaired.

How much do you charge for an extra cart?
$75.00 non-refundable deposit and an additional $9.00 per month for each additional trash cart.

May I write my address on my cart?
Yes, we encourage residents to write their address on their carts, to help prevent lost and misplaced carts.

How do I clean my cart?
Carts can be cleaned with regular dish soap and water.

What time do I put my cart out?
Carts need to be at curb by 6am on day of pickup.

Who do I call if my trash was not picked up?
You may call the Public Works Department at 912-748-4800.

My neighbor has a new cart, can I get one?
Carts are replaced when they become unserviceable. .

I reported my cart was missing, but have now located and retrieved the cart, should I call and let someone know?
Yes, please let us know promptly if you find your missing cart.

My cart is dirty and smells, can I get a new one?
No, we only replace carts that are unserviceable. . Most carts are easily cleaned with a mild detergent and water hose, to prevent carts from smelling, make sure that household trash is placed in sturdy bags and tightly closed.

On what holidays will my garbage not be picked up? When will they pick up my garbage that was not removed due to a holiday?
Please refer to the Waste Management website for the most up to date information concerning holiday schedules:

I paid $75.00 for a cart, why can't I take it with me when I move?
The $75.00 is a one time non-refundable deposit for a cart. This fee covers the maintenance, repairs and replacement of the cart as long as you reside at the address.


Can I pour grease down my kitchen sink?
No, it will congeal and clog up your sewer lateral and/or grinder pump.

Why do I pay for sewer for water used as irrigation?
The City of Pooler does not issue irrigation meters to help promote water conservation.

Am I suppose to repair a sewer lateral if it is under a roadway?
The City of Pooler will repair a broken sewer lateral within the city right of ways; however clogs are the responsibility of home owners.

How do I contact the Sewer Department after hours?
Please call 912-210-1514


How often does the Stormwater Department clean ditches?
We try to cut the entire drainage system twice a year.

How do I get my culvert cleaned out?
You may either submit a Citizen Request on this site, or call 912-748-4800.

My driveway culvert is broken, whose responsibility is it to repair?
Property owners are responsible for repairing culverts that are located under driveways.

I have standing water in my ditch, is this normal and can it be resolved?
Yes, it is normal to have some standing water in ditches, and it can be resolved with routine maintenance of the drainage system.

I have standing water on my property, how do I report this?
Please call the Public Works Department at 912-748-4800. Please do not submit a citizen request for this issue, as this may be an urgent matter.

My ditch needs cleaned/cut, will the city clean it?
Yes, if the drainage ditch is located within a city easement and/or right of way.

I have a ditch running through my property; will the city maintain this it?
The city will maintain any ditch that we posses an easement or hold harmless agreement.

How can I be added onto the maintenance schedule?
Submit a citizen request or call Public Works at 912-748-4800.

How can I get a canal cleaned or cut?
Submit a citizen request or call 912-748-4800.

A catch basin near my residence is collapsing or has a sink hole around it, will the city repair this?
The city will repair any catch basin that is not on a privately maintained drainage system.

Does the city remove snakes from my yard that come from the drainage system?

Is the city responsible for the pond located near my house?
No, these are privately maintained drainage systems, therefore are maintained by property owners/home owner associations.

Is my drainage system private or publicly maintained?
Please call 912-748-4800, if depends on the location.

Does the city respond to after hour emergencies during a rain event?
Yes, please call 912-748-7261 after 5pm weekdays or on weekends to access our after hour message center. Follow the prompts on the phone until you reach the Drainage Department in the Public Works Department.


When is my road going to be paved?
When the city determines that the road is in need and allocates funds.

How do I get a pothole repaired?
Call 912-748-4800 or submit a citizen request.

My street light is out, how can I get it repaired?
The City of Pooler does not repair street lights, however, we will forward any request to Georgia Power as a courtesy to our residents. Please call 912-748-4800 or submit a citizen request. Please make sure to include the address and/or directions to the street light.

How do I report a traffic signal outage?
Call 912-748-4800, this is considered a potential hazard, so please do not enter a citizen complaint.

How do I report a damaged traffic sign?
Call 912-748-4800 or submit a citizen request.

Can I post signs in the city right of ways, on city signs, or power poles?
No, placing signs in a city or state right of way, on city signs, or on power poles is against city ordinance.

Who is responsible for cutting the grass between the sidewalks and streets?
It is the responsibility of homeowners to maintain and trim the grass in front of their properties.

If I see someone damage/steal a sign, should I call the police?

Who is responsible for maintaining the roads in my gated community?
Home-owners associations

Utility Billing

When are utility bills due?
All utility bills are due by 5:00 on the date specified on your bill.  Homes south of Highway 80 (Zone 1) are due on the 5th of each month. Homes north of Highway 80 (Zone 2) are due on the 20th of each month.  

How often does the city read my meter?
We read once a month.

Does the city require a deposit?
A $150.00 deposit is required for renters, property owners are only required to prove ownership.

How can I pay my bill?
You may pay in person at City Hall between the hours of 9:00 and 5:00,  by the drop boxes located at City Hall and Public Works, by mail, by automatic draft, or by our online bill pay link through the city’s website.

Waste Water

What is the smell on the Pooler Parkway?
It is due an internet of long sewer force mains causing the sewer to become septic which creates odorous gas at the open end of the treatment plant.


How many gallons of water are consumed in the city daily?
Water consumption fluctuates from the winter to summer months. Average water consumption is 2,100,000 gallons per day.

What is normal water pressure?
The State of Georgia regulates that we must maintain a pressure of 20psi(pounds per square inch)