Council Minutes April 20, 2009

April 20, 2009

The regular meeting of the Pooler City Council was held on April 20, 2009. Mayor Mike Lamb called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m. Present were Councilmen Bruce Allen, Travis Cowart, Mike Royal, Wayne Seay and Councilwoman Rebecca Benton. City Manager Robbie Byrd and City Attorney Steve Scheer were also present. Councilman Stevie Wall was absent due to work.

The invocation was given by Councilman Allen and the Pledge of Allegiance was led by Councilman Seay.

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved as printed upon a motion by Councilman Allen, seconded by Councilman Royal, with no opposition.

Report from the Standing Committees:
Councilman Seay presented the accounts payable information for March.

Councilman Allen reported that the police department responded to 1335 calls from April 3rd through April 16th totaling 9427 calls for the year and that the fire department responded to 84 calls this month and 550 year-to-date. 

Councilman Cowart reported that the street, drainage and parks and trees departments have performed routine maintenance and that the recycling center will now be open on Mondays and eight (8) hours on Saturdays.

Councilman Wall was absent.

Councilman Royal reported that baseball, softball and t-ball games are ongoing and that there is a tournament scheduled this weekend at the new recreation complex.

Councilwoman Benton reported that three (3) new single family residential and one (1) commercial permit has been issued since the last meeting, totaling 31 single family residential and seven (7) commercial permits for the year, with 1376 inspections performed year to date. 

Mayor Lamb read aloud a proclamation in regards to “Toastmasters Day”.

Under OLD BUSINESS the following was discussed:

1. Second Reading on new Georgia Power Company franchise ordinance
Mr. Byrd presented the newly proposed franchise ordinance with Georgia Power Company. Councilman Cowart made a motion to approve on Second Reading. Motion was seconded by Councilwoman Benton and passed without opposition.

Under NEW BUSINESS the following was discussed:

1. Approval of recombination plat for Lots 537 and 538 in The Farm @ Morgan Lakes, Phase 1A
Mr. Byrd presented a recombination plat for Lots 537 and 538 in The Farm @ Morgan Lakes, Phase 1A, stating that it is required to correct a side setback discrepancy. Further, that Planning & Zoning and staff have recommended approval. Councilman Allen made a motion, seconded by Councilman Cowart, to approve. Motion passed without opposition.

2. Approval of final plat for Towne Park, Phase 1, Block C (Lots 166-169)
Mr. Byrd presented the final plat for Towne Park, Phase 1, Block C (Lots 166-169), stating that the infrastructure is complete. Councilman Allen made a motion, seconded by Councilwoman Benton, to approve. Motion passed without opposition.

Wilson Roberts, resident, commended the fire and street departments for their work in removing a tree that fell on E. Whatley Street recently. Further, that the reason the large pine tree fell was due to it not having any “tap” root which is caused by Pooler “gumbo”.

Charles Archer, resident, expressed appreciation to the police department for assistance with traffic at the new recreation complex. Mr. Byrd stated that two (2) patrol officers will be posted during peak travel times at the complex to allow for safe exit onto Pooler Parkway and that this will remain until the traffic light is installed and operational.

There being no further business to discuss, Councilman Allen made a motion to adjourn at approximately 6:18 p.m. Motion was seconded by Councilman Seay and passed without opposition.

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